Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Small Business Ideas in Dubai
Are you looking for small business ideas in Dubai? Here are fifteen active small business ideas that may help budding entrepreneurs to decide the business of their choice.

1. Healthcare Business in Dubai

The country has seen a significant increase in demand for proficient healthcare service providers and facilities in the past few years. Dubai is a suitable location for healthcare professionals considering to start a private healthcare business.

2. Construction Business in Dubai

Dubai is known for its unique structures and buildings that are being erected on a frequent basis. It opens a massive gateway of opportunities for professionals and engineers in the construction sector.

3. Oil and Gas Business in Dubai

Oil and gas have been the primary source of income in the UAE for many years. The country’s current wealth can be attributed to the oil sector. In spite of the constant exploitation, the oil industry will still be able to accommodate new investors.

4. Financial Services Business in Dubai

Dubai has several sizeable businesses and therefore has a significant demand for financial based professionals including accountants, auditors and bookkeepers. The recent introduction to VAT in the UAE is also a compelling reason to start a business that offers financial services to firms in the country.

5. Food Business in Dubai

Dubai has consistently seen a high demand for foods and consumable commodities. The food industry is, therefore, a highly profitable market especially with snacks and fast foods.

6. Transport Business in Dubai

Dubai’s hustle and bustle have led to a high demand for transportation services. Investors have the opportunity to start a local cab service or an inter-city transportation services company.

7. Security Business in Dubai

Although there are fewer security concerns in Dubai, companies with significant investments and assets demand security sentinels and devices.

8. Business Franchises Business in Dubai

Franchising of firms is a relatively new concept in Dubai. The high population of expatriates in Dubai including diverse lifestyles of the individuals who live here, this concept is functioning efficiently for the past few years. Franchising the fast food industry is currently one of the most profitable business ideas in Dubai.

9. Environment Business in Dubai

With the recent introduction of all-electric transportation by Dubai’s RTA, it is imminent that the government is implementing and supporting new initiatives in protecting the environment. There are various unities in the UAE for enterprises that offer various environmental protection services such as waste recycling.

10. Tourism Business in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai is booming more than ever before and is one of the world’s most favoured vacation destinations. Moreover, this explains why there are many five-star hotels in the city. UAE hosts several thousands of visitors every year, and this opens huge business opportunities in Dubai that cater to tourists in one way or another.

11. Trading Business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the prime business hubs where traders throughout the world meet to exchange goods and services. Any merchantable products can be imported or exported, such as food and food products, fabrics, plastic commodities, and automobiles.

12. Energy Business in Dubai

There are various opportunities for establishments that help maintain the numerous power generation facilities available in the UAE. With the required expertise and capital, energy facility maintenance is an option to be considered when starting a business.

13. Travel Agency Business in Dubai

Dubai’s tourism industry plays an essential part in the government’s strategy to maintain foreign cash flow into the emirates. Dubai, UAE is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. A travel agency is, therefore, a reliable business to start.

14. Real Estate Business in Dubai

Real estate is one of the major industries in Dubai and the rest of the country. Construction is a common sight in Dubai, where construction firms work on several projects in various segments primarily dealing with office and residential properties.

15. Jewellery Business in Dubai

Dubai is occasionally known as the “City of Gold”. Dubai has a market share of approximately 30 percent in gold trade worldwide. A gold business in Dubai can be set up as a jewellery merchant, jewellery maker or a bead maker.