Strategically located just a stone’s throw from Dubai International Airport, DAFZA offers complete business services and world-class facilities at competitive rates for enterprises of different forms and sizes. Considered as the most innovative and competitive free zones in the world, it offers more than AED 100 billion (USD 27 billion) of trade, which accounts for only under 10% of Dubai’s overall non-oil overseas trade. It is also worth noting that in 2016, it achieved net profit growth of 16% and a 44% increase in the total leasable area of multinational firms in the free zone.

Dubai free zone company

No wonder, a Dubai Free Zone company setup is one of the most exciting business ventures for anyone looking to take their income potential to the next level. It offers great benefits which include the following:

  • 100% company ownership
  • 0% personal and corporate tax
  • Zero currency restrictions
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • 100% exemption from import and export tax

Aside from these perks, there are other crucial reasons why a DAFZA company setup is something that you shouldn’t think twice about.

Experience Convenience with a Simple and Quick Setup

DAFZA is widely known for making it easy for entrepreneurs to do business through its simplified business setup process. It supports businessmen in every step of the way, from determining the type of business and selecting the proper license, to fitting and furnishing the office.

Enjoy the Visa with a Flexi-Desk Option

A number of solo entrepreneurs and freelancers are attracted to a DAFZA company setup due to the free zone’s cost-effective and convenient flexi-desk option, which provides them access to desk space and other services such as reception cover and conference room hire on an ad-hoc basis. Visa support is one of the perks of the flexi-desk offering, in such a way that DAFZA will help you obtain the right visa in order to start up your business and work in Dubai whenever you desire to use your desk space.

Different Types of Businesses Available

Another great thing about a DAFZA company setup is that it offers an array of business activities that are listed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This includes the following:

  • E-commerce
  • Cargo
  • Consultancy
  • Health
  • Media
  • Transport

Ease of Sponsorship to Both Staff and Dependents

A Dubai Free Zone company setup also enables you to obtain the necessary paperwork and permits for your staff and dependents. Specifically, the free zone offers support to entrepreneurs in processing the residence permits, visas, and healthcare cards they require, as well as ensuring that the medical and other documentation are fully completed.

Multiple Shareholders

Keep in mind also that Dubai Free Zone company setup is not just renowned with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. Given that DAFZA registration allows for a number of shareholders, it is home to businesses of varying sizes. Shareholders can be companies or individuals, and the great news is that each free zone can register up to five.

These are just some of the attractive reasons that make DAFZA truly a great destination of choice if you are planning to set up your own business. To get started with your entrepreneurial journey, speak to a business consultant today.