To support with the ongoing requirements of its citizens and residents during the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the public notaries affiliated with Dubai Courts have implemented an online system that can be used to facilitate execution of:

        1. Powers of attorney (corporate and personal);
        2. Admissions;
        3. Notarized legal notices;
        4. Civil companies’ Memorandums of Association and addendums; and
        5. Local agent service agreements.


The execution process is fairly simple, and it implies a combination of email communication, video call through the approved video conferencing app (BOTIM) and courier services.

The notarization process currently used by the Dubai public notary is as follows:

Step 1

The applicant will send an email to indicating the type of notarization required and attaching all documents relevant to the transaction.

The email must contain the following information:

        1. Applicant name;
        2. Applicant personal phone number;
        3. Applicant address (in detail);
        4. Documents required to be notarized* (signed in PDF version);
        5. Emirates ID (copy);
        6. All relevant documentation(if document to be notarized is a corporate instrument).


*must contain on each page the following phrase: I hereby certify that I am of full legal capacity to execute this document through video communication using the Botim application and I agree to all that is stated in this transaction that was dully signed by me.

Step 2

Documents are reviewed by the notary representative appointed for the transaction.

Step 3

If the transaction is approved, the applicant will be contacted via the BOTIM app by the notary representative requesting him/her to verify his/her eligibility and personal capacity and to present the Emirates ID card and his/her confirmation of the transaction and the document submitted for notarization.

Step 4

Once the identity verification has been finalized, the applicant will receive a sms with the payment link relevant to the transaction.

Step 5

As soon as the payment has been confirmed, the notary will finalize the transaction and print the respective notarized documents. The documents will be sent via an approved Dubai Courts courier to the address indicated by the applicant at step 1.

Step 6**

The applicant will receive the notarized documents within 2 business days after the transaction has been completed. The applicant is expected to pay the courier delivery fee of approx. AED 21.

**At present, originals are no longer couriered to the applicant. All documents are being executed as electronically issued documents and are sent to the applicants via email.


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