Jafza Company Setup

Are you planning to run a business in Dubai? Are you aiming for full company ownership, no currency restrictions, full tax exemption on import and export tax, and full repatriation of profits and capital? Then a JAFZA company setup will meet all your needs and requirements.

1. Get to Know JAFZA

Strategically located in the west part of the region, Jebel Ali Free Zone was established in 1985 making it by far the oldest and the most famous economic zones in the UAE. It also has a rich infrastructure as it is surrounded by essential transport links and amenities. As a result, a number of businessmen choose to have a company formation in JAFZA.

Apart from these, it offers a number of advantages that can give you a win-win situation in the long run. They are as follows:

2. Acquire Multiple Visas Even Without Physical Office Space

Even if you are going to run a small business independently without opting for physical office space, JAFZA will still enable you to obtain three visas. By simply signing up to Jebel Ali flexi-desk option, you will be able to have access to desk space and other office services including reception cover and conference room hire on an impromptu basis.

3. Enjoy the Ease and Simplicity of JAFZA Company Setup

You will be impressed with how fast and straightforward the process is. Firstly, you need to decide on the type of business you want to set up such as:

  • a branch of an existing company
  • a free zone establishment
  • a free zone company

Secondly and ultimately, you need to supply the required documentation which will vary depending on your chosen business type. When everything is done, your business will be up and running in just about 10 days.   

4. Upfront Share Capital is Not Required

Another key deciding factor for businessmen to do a company formation in JAFZA is its zero share capital requirement. Add to that the ease and simplicity of business registration process, this economic zone is attractive for those whose objective is to have a JAFZA company set up quickly and with less upfront costs.

5. Set Up Your Bank Account with Ease

Another great thing about venturing into company formation in JAFZA is that you will be provided with assistance when it comes to the completion of any necessary paperwork and to searching for a bank that suits your needs.

6. Varied Business Types Can Be Accommodated

Jebel Ali Free Zone also offers flexibility by welcoming a wide array of business activities. This provides two key benefits.

  • Working among diversified sectors comes with great opportunities for partnership and sharing knowledge from one industry to another.
  • It is perfect for companies that conduct multiple business activities as JAFZA allows between 7 and 12 activities under a single trading license. What’s more, you are allowed to do service activities from Jebel Ali. However, you will be required to register a branch of a company which has been in operation in mainland United Arab Emirates for not less than two years.  

With a number of advantages in store for any businessman, JAFZA is indeed an attractive economic zone in Dubai. To know more about its specific policies and regulations, conduct extensive research and speak to a JAFZA company setup expert.