What are PRO Services and why is it required for business formation in Saudi Arabia?

PRO services are professional document consent services. These documents are from the ministry of government that are mandatory for the formation of a company in Saudi Arabia. Our PRO Services in KSA play a significant role when you want passport clearance, business licenses, immigration, trademarks, certification and copyrights.


Our PRO services in KSA can accelerate the company’s registration process and give our clients a peace of mind with our experienced consultants.

PRO services / Government Liaison services provided by GCC Solutions in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Copyright / Trademark Registration
  • Formation of the Company
  • Opening a Commercial Bank Account
  • De-Registration / Company Liquidation of Firms
  • Processing Investor / Partner Visa
  • Renewal and Cancellation of Visa
  • Saudi Arabian Business Visa / Invitation Letter
  • VIP Medical Chaperoned Services
  • NOCs from Government Ministries and Government Approvals
  • Family Visa Sponsorship
  • Emirates ID Service
  • Processing of Establishment Card
  • P. O. Box Setup
  • Legal Translation Facilities
  • Public Notary / Legal Attestation of Corporate Documents at the Court

Why choose GCC Solutions for PRO Services in Saudi Arabia?

GCC Solutions provides a broad spectrum of professional assist services to liaison with the ministries of government or key stakeholders, attain necessary trade license approvals and aid ongoing requirements for daily operations.


We provide our clienteles professional services without much of the hassle involved in setting up a business in KSA. GCC Solutions will be with you at every step of the way and be sure to ease your process setting up a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.