Local Service Agent in Dubai

A Local Service Agent (LSA) is a UAE national (Emirati) and does not have any civil responsibility or monetary compulsions to the company. His responsibility is to ensure the branch can continue its business in Dubai, however, he will not have any legal interest in the administration, company, profits or assets of the local office.

A foreign company can establish a federally registered branch, a federally registered representative office or a locally registered branch office. Federal registrations fall within the jurisdiction of the UAE Commercial Companies Law whereas local registrations fall within the jurisdiction of the relevant Local Order applicable in each Emirate.

How can GCC Solutions help?

GCC Solutions can be your Local Service Agent acting as a 100% Emirati owned company for a branch company with an existing legal presence in any jurisdiction outside of the UAE or for an existing company in the UAE i.e. from a Free Zone. The Branch LLC is 100% foreign owned and GCC Solutions acts solely as the Local Service Agent to satisfy the requirements of the UAE Commercial Companies Law.