Kuwait Onshore

Limited Liability Company (LLC / WLL)

A Limited Liability Company is commonly referred to as a “With Limited Liability” (WLL) company in the State of Kuwait. A WLL (LLC) company is the most popular form of a legal entity. It is incorporated and licensed through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait.


The formation of a WLL/LLC company in Kuwait requires 51% shareholding by a Kuwaiti national, either as an individual or a company wholly owned by Kuwaiti nationals. Foreign investors may hold the remaining 49% through a company, or as a natural person.


To operate in Kuwait, WLL/LLC companies are required to maintain government approval and obtain a license for their activity.


GCC Solutions offers a structured and secure framework, wherein we act as a 51% shareholder, while our foreign client maintains the 49% holding in their own respective constitution. We ensure that despite our majority ownership, the beneficial ownership and control rests with our client. The client undertakes all the commercial and operational activities of the company with complete autonomy.


As an investment solution provider, GCC solutions aim to provide its clients with the comfort and independence of operating in the country. We structure our corporate nominations agreements keeping in view the client’s interests and ensuring they maintain complete control over their operations, finances, and management.