Process of Trademark Registration in the UAE - GCC Solutions
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Process of Trademark Registration in the UAE

The trademark registration is the best method to avoid loss of your brand so that someone else might use it. The Trademark registration is an important process that guarantees an exclusive right to use a Mark or simply authorize the third party to use it for a certain payment. Trademark protection is also a barrier to unfair competition efforts such as imitation to use the same distinctive designs to market different products. Through registering a trademark the owner obtains the future right to make the mark “incontestable” which provides conclusive evidence regarding the validity of the mark and of the registrant’s exclusive right to use the mark, and It significantly reduces the risk of being prevented from using your name or logo by other traders.

One of the most emotionally draining and expensive things that can happen to anyone who owns a brand is receiving a legal notification that requires stopping using the name which you thought you owned, and here it comes the great importance of registering the trademark of your identity to avoid extreme situations.

Requirements for trademark registration in UAE

The following documents and information are required for filing a trademark application in the United Arab Emirates:

  1. Full name and address;
  2. Power of Attorney executed by the applicant duly notarized by the Notary Public;
  3. Trademark Logo
  4. Object Description
  5. Trade license copy
  6. Passport copy


The Complete Process of Trademark Registration in the UAE

Submitting the application and ‘Object Search’

Once you appoint us to look after the Trade Mark registration process, we will take care of all governmental process and request some requirements. An Initial search will be started for the targeted trademark.

Search Feedback

The Search feedback will be obtained from the Government body, and it will come up with one of the results below:

– Negative: Means that the trademark is not registered by anyone.

– Positive: Means that it’s already registered.

Documents submission

Our firm will then submit all further documents for your trademark registration.

Documents review and examination

The concerned government authorities will be reviewing the documents required for approval.


The approval is expected within 6 to 9 month from the day of depositing the required documents.


If your application didn’t face any opposition, the payment has to be done and a certificate of a trademark will be received. During the first month of receiving the certificate, the government authorities will be opening the door to receive any appeal from third parties.