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How To Set Up Offshore Company In UAE

Many business setup consultants in Dubai are there who provide competitive offshore packages such as company formation, entering into agreements, renting of office space, services for operating your business,  hiring local employees, selling goods and company services, taxation and banking advice, offering investments and preparing contracts. As UAE law, the offshore incorporation requires an agent who acts as a link between the local government and the newly formed offshore enterprise.

Requirements for an offshore company set up in UAE:

  • At least one director and shareholder is required
  • The company’s capital can be any sum divided into any denomination
  • From the list of registered agents maintained by UAE Free Zone, a registered agent should be appointed by the Company.
  • On UAE offshore incorporation companies, 100% tax and duty exemption are present and 100% foreign ownership is permitted.
  • You can open a corporate bank account in the state.
  • In the UAE Free Zone, the offshore address is located.
  • Only in the case of doubt, audited financials will be asked for.
  • To incorporate the company, the investors are not needed to visit the authority.

Offshore companies in UAE always guarantee you a high level of privacy. Recently UAE has not made any contracts on the declaration of important information about offshore companies. This is the most important benefit that you can offer to investors for setting up an offshore company in Dubai and other free zones.

Following are benefits of offshore company registration:

  • For business activity performed outside UAE, no tax is levied
  • The Memorandum of Association and other documents linked with the company are verified by the registrar.
  • Minimum 3 and maximum 7 days are required for offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE
  • The registered offshore company should have a registered agent and registered address where this company is registered.
  • One can enjoy a higher level of confidentiality, information on shareholders and directors are not disclosed
  • At least one director is mandatory, but their number and residency is not restricted
  • 1 owner and shareholder is compulsory for the registration. The shareholder’s place of residence and his citizenship have no restrictions barring the countries that are authorized as per the international rules set by international organizations.
  • The shareholder of the company is authorized to run the company.
  • No audit is required

If you want to register your offshore company in UAE, remember that it requires a detailed verification of documents and preparation of documents.