Foreign companies may engage in a commercial agency arrangement which is defined as any arrangement whereby a foreign company is represented by a UAE agent to distribute, sell, offer, or provide goods or services within the UAE for a commission or profit.


The agent must either be a person holding UAE nationality or a company that is 100% owned by UAE nationals. The agent must be registered with the Ministry of Economy. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between a foreign company and its commercial agent, an agent is entitled to receive a commission on the sale of products in his or her designated Emirate, irrespective of whether such sales are made by or through the agent.


GCC Solutions can act as your commercial agent in the UAE that will allow you to:


• Sell products directly to buyers / customers in the UAE
• Distribute products in the UAE
• Market services in the UAE


In addition, GCC can work with our clients to oversee sales / promotion activities if the company elects to place a sales representative on the ground in the UAE. The sales representative works from GCC’s offices with the full support of our administrative staff and oversight from our Directors.


GCC is a registered commercial agent with the Ministry of Economy and can act as your agent to provide product sales, distribution and market services in the UAE.


GCC provides Commercial Agency Services for a fixed annual fee, no commission and a transparent fee structure.

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For more information on our Commercial Agency Services, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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